R&D Tax Credit Consultants Directory Advertising Rates

Common Features and Benefits

RD-Tax-Credits.com is the only R & D Tax Credits Consultants directory in the United States. We have thousands of US companies visiting our site every month looking for firms to help them prepare their Research and Development Tax Credit claims. If you are looking to grow your R&D Tax Credit consulting business, start by advertising in this important R&D Credits directory.
Our R&D Credits directory is well-positioned in all major search engines. For most common searches, like California R&D Tax Consultant, our R&D Credits directory is generally in first place.
Here are just a few of the benefits your firm will receive by being in this R & D Tax Credits Consultants Directory.
  • Your listing includes a link to your firm's web site
  • An email link to allow potential clients to send a confidential email directly to your firm
  • Up to 50-character "Tag Line" (bold text at the bottom of your listing)
  • Statistics tracking and reporting
  • Searchable by region
  • Very high search engine placement for Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Featured R&D Consultants Listings

Our featured R&D Tax Credits consultants listings are shown in blue at the top of the home page as well as at the top of the region-specific pages. Featured R&D Tax Credit Consultants Listing
  • All featured R&D Tax Credit specialits are shown prominently at the top of the home page and the region-specific pages
  • Featured listings show the city and firm type at the top of each listing
  • Featured R&D Tax Consulting firms are shown first amongst the Enhanced Listings on the city-specific directory tab
  • We enforce a cap of 16 Featured listings to preserve the status of these listings
Featured listings are $499/Year.

Enhanced R&D Consultants Listings

Enhanced R&D Tax Credit Consultants Listing
Enhanced Listings are shown in yellow on the home page as well as on the region-specific pages.
Enhanced listings are just $299/Year.

InfoBox Advertisements - from $49/year

Complement your Featured or Enhanced Listing with an InfoBox Advertisement containing additional information about your services. Hover your cursor over the following image to see an example of a popup infobox: R&D Tax Credits 6765
The "information" icon near the top of your Enhanced Listing indicates that the user can obtain further information about your firm by hovering over the icon and displaying the InfoBox Advertisement.
InfoBox Advertisement Pricing
  • Minimum Size: 190 x 200 pixels = $49/year
  • Medium Size: 390 x 400 pixels = $89/year
  • Maximum Size: 590 x 600 pixels = $129/year
  • Standard ads are text-based
  • Add an image to your Information Box Advertisement: the Standard Pricing is doubled.